photo (15) Did you know that the Nintendo of America headquarters in Redmond, Washington has a super secret employee/invitation only store? Let me just say that I most definitely did not! It’s bad enough that I have already been dreaming of visiting Nintendo’s headquarters both here and in Japan all my life. Now that I know there is a store where employees can buy awesome Nintendo goods, I am so jealous!

Brian Altano from IGN talks about it in a short video, in which the introduction was filmed right in the lobby of Nintendo of America. No cameras were allowed inside the building, but he does show off some of the goodies he was able to make out with. No surprise to us there are a few Zelda items in the lot!

I cant help but imagine Ravio is the one running the shop and what I really want to know is what else is in there! What do you think is in this treasure chest?

Source: YouTube

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