Throughout Link’s vast expedition of the different parts of Hyrule in Skyward Sword, our hero comes upon a forest needing his help. It is in this sacred forest, Faron Woods, that Link searches for a shy race of forest dwellers called Kikwis. His journey through the Faron Woods may seem like a chore, but luckily the area features a very cheery and delightful background song. This Faron Woods theme has become a classic for me in recent years, and I can’t help but imagine what it would sound like if was used in the original The Legend of Zelda.

The 8-bit cover of the Faron Woods theme you hear above comes to us from Loeder, who is known for chiptune re-imaginings other popular game songs. As with Loeder’s other work, this arrangement will take you back to a time when your favorite Nintendo series first started, even though the Skyward Sword song is just a few years old. Speaking of other works, Loeder has produced 8-bit covers of songs heard in the Mario & Luigi series, Kirby series, Super Metroid, Super Mario Bros., Cuphead, and Splatoon 2.

What do you think of this cover? Will you be checking out anymore of Loeder’s work? Let us know in the comments below.

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