We’ve got 5 days left until the start of the Zelda Dungeon Informer Marathon so get ready to mark your calendars so you won’t miss any of your favorite games. We have just published the schedule for the weeklong+ marathon of The Legend of Zelda. The link to the schedule is right here! and will be updated if there are any major changes to the times. Keep in mind that all times are subject to change, but the schedule you see will be the one that we follow. Also, keep in mind that the posted times are in US Central time, so plan out your viewing times accordingly. If you miss out on any of the games, we will be saving highlights on our page so don’t worry if there is a game that you really wanted to see, but missed out on due to work, school, sleep or other obligations. You can keep up with all of the action by following our social media pages Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and by following us on our Twitch page. We will be going live at 3AM US Central time with Phantom Hourglass.

Zelda Dungeon Informer Marathon 2016Schedule_Published

Using the Schedule

How to donate for a file name – There are two tabs at the top of the schedule spreadsheet. One lists the schedule for this years marathon. The other titled ‘Filenames’ has a chart for each file name that can be donated towards for us to use in the game. Only appropriate names will be used. How do you get to choose a file name for us to use in the game? When donating at our special Child’s Play Charity donation link please mention in the comment area of the donation which name you would like to contribute towards. You can choose to come up with a name on your own, or support a name that you see on the sheet already. When it comes time to play that game, the highest donation value will be chosen as the file name and will be immortalized on the Internet forever! This sheet will be constantly updated as we receive more donations in.
-You can click on the underlined link on the schedule to quickly get to the Zelda Dungeon Twitch page.
-Other links posted at the bottom of the schedule link you to our various social media sites.
-Please use the hashtag #ZDiMarathon when talking about the marathon on social media. Your posts could end up featured on our live stream, social media, or on the main page of Zelda Informer and Zelda Dungeon itself!

Note that there are two tabs for viewing the Schedule, and the Filenames to donate towards.

Note that there are two tabs for viewing the Schedule, and the Filenames to donate towards.

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