“It takes courage to come thieving in the Pirates’ Fortress.” – Gerudo guard

Head to the Great Bay Coast. Don the mask of the Zora. Infiltrate. Don’t get caught. The Pirates’ Fortress of Majora’s Mask can be tough, as, with many territories run by the Gerudo throughout the Zelda series, a great deal of stealth must be utilized. Still, at least there’s some pretty good music to entertain you as you run silent. Playing almost like a mournful dirge at sea, the Pirates’ Fortress theme song serves to build a sense of nervousness as the player does their best to track down the lost Zora eggs.

Personally, I have never been very good with sneaking, and have been known to charge in “guns blazing,” just for my own amusement. AyeeKyro’s cover of the Pirates’ Fortress theme mirrors this sentiment. Fast-paced and heavy, with screaming chords and rhythms that shift and flow like rapid waters, the tune plays more like an epic battle theme, bringing to mind the image of Link storming in and positively tearing down the fortress to find the stolen goods. And, come on, that’s an awesome mental image to have.

What do you think of this cover? Would you storm the fortress to it? Let us know in the comments below!

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