Some video games can be quite hard to understand. Some others can be really hard to understand. And then there’s Metal Gear Solid. The fact is, when a franchise gets too many games, the main storyline can get somewhat blurry, to the point where you don’t even know what´s going on or why are you doing what you’re doing. That’s why, in a recent article, GamesRadar set out to explain the plots of some quite confusing sagas—such as Kingdom Hearts, Halo, and Castlevania—in as little space as possible, usually one or two paragraphs—and even then, they added a tl;dr (too long; didn´t read) section so as to summarize the whole franchise in just ten words. Want to see how they managed to sum up The Legend of Zelda? Read after the jump to find out!

In their extended explanation, they say the following about the saga:

“The Legend of Zelda’s lore is pretty straightforward. Princess Zelda was originally the reincarnated form of the goddess Hylia, the Triforce is an all-powerful relic that grants the wish of the person that holds it, Ganon is the reincarnated form of an ancient Demon King, and Link is the hero of every game who repeatedly has to take on the daunting task of saving the world.

The series’ biggest confusion is due to the three timelines that stem from Ocarina of Time: Child Link, Adult Link, and Failed Link. Many of the games star a new Princess Zelda and an evil plot cooked up by Ganon that must be stopped by the hero Link using the Master Sword and the power of the Triforce.”

As for the tl;dr section, the space limitations make for a disturbingly accurate explanation:

A sword and magic triangle are used to fight evil.

If you want to see more games, like Castlevania, Kingdom Hearts, and Metal Gear Solid, summarized in this way, just go to the GamesRadar article and enjoy some of their hilarious explanations.

Sources: GamesRadar

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