The Legend Of Zelda In Numbers

Did you know the original Legend of Zelda game’s dungeon maps can be arranged to spell out the name Zelda? I didn’t until I watched this informative video Alltime Numbers released covering The Legend of Zelda in numbers.

This clever video includes tidbits of information, such as how many copies the series has sold, to the phone number Americans could call back in the day if they got stuck in the first Zelda game. The number unfortunately doesn’t work anymore, though. I tried it! Also among the video’s many facts, Alltime Numbers compares the world record speedrun of the first Legend of Zelda game to that of Link’s Awakening. And it really tells you a lot about how much gaming hours in Zelda games have increased!

I personally think this video is really impressive. Since I’m actually pretty bad with facts and figures, I wouldn’t have had the patience to try ferreting out some of these numbers. What do you think? As always, let us know down in the comments!

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