Have you ever wondered just how far you could glide across Hyrule if it weren’t for that pesky stamina wheel in Breath of the Wild? How about tackling your most tricky nemesis without having to worry about taking damage? In their most recent YouTube video, Gaming Reinvented shows off a two-part glitch that can come in handy to give players these exact godlike powers.

Thanks to discoveries made by glitch hunters Simaubaka and LegendofLinkk, Gaming Reinvented provides a full breakdown of the two-phase glitch, which consists of the “Inventory Storage” glitch and the “Aqua Reverse Memory Storage” or ARMS glitch.

Before you can attempt either of these glitch phases, there are a few important pre-requisities: namely, an upgraded Sheikah Sensor, a save near a Goddess Status, at least one Hyrule Compendium entry, the Camera Rune, and access to Hyrule Castle. From there, Gaming Reinvented takes the viewer through the required steps with both slowed-down and real-time examples. They even provide insights as to whether you might have hit a button too early or too late, which is very helpful considering all the steps required. As Gaming Reinvented admits during the demonstration of the “Inventory Storage” glitch, “the timing is very precise.” For all the steps and in-depth explanation, be sure to check out Gaming Reinvented’s video “Give Link Invincibility and Infinite Stamina! (Inventory Storage and ARMS Tutorial)!”

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What do you think of this two-phase glitch that bestows the power of invincibility and unlimited stamina? Would you attempt it yourself? Let us know down below!

Source: Gaming Reinvented (via Nintendo Life)

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