Were you part of the Korok Space Program, where Koroks became unwilling test subjects? Did you do something awful to one of the Forest Spirits? If so, be very, very careful, because revenge may be afoot!

This YouTube video by ChengXiaoMai demonstrates the perils that can befall you following crimes committed against the Koroks. Here, ChengXiaoMai happened to see some Tears of the Kingdom graffiti and stopped to take an innocent selfie, when the Koroks used their power! They unleash all sorts of havoc, including summoning a Like Like, before finally taking their ultimate revenge.

This is a fantastic video; I love the way the story unfolds and the Koroks get payback! In another video ChengXiaoMai is seen subjecting a Korok to a certain type of punishment, which is no doubt the reason for the events in this video. There’s also a great video in their channel about the Yiga Clan, which is definitely worth checking out along with the other videos.

What do you think? Is this now the time for the Koroks to strike back? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: ChengXiaoMai

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