The Hero of Time Online Release

The Hero of Time Logo

The popular Legend of Zelda fan film, The Hero of Time is finally available to the public. After years of production and months of limited theatrical showings, the film is now online and ready to be viewed!

The film is loosely based around the storyline from Ocarina of Time, but has many of its own unique elements. While it is an independent film, it has been given massive praise by those who had the privilege of viewing it themselves.

The film is available in its entirety at Dailymotion. The film runs just over 90 minutes long, so be sure you have some free time on your hands! After viewing it, why not head on over to our Zelda Forums and tell us what you thought!

If you are completely oblivious as to what the Hero of Time film is. You can watch the initial trailer to learn more. Click read more to watch the video right here at Zelda Dungeon.

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