Zelda IIHow many of you have ever thought about the difficulty of the second Zelda game? The members on our forums are presenting some of their own arguments about the difficulty of Zelda II, but we always want to hear more. Discussion is what makes the forums great! To participate in the discussion, you can view our thread Is Zelda II the Adventure of Link Really That Bad?. We’re always hunting for the opinions of our wonderful members, so why not voice yours? Here’s a few voices from our forums.

“The game is not bad at all. People stereotype it due to the fact that its different. The game implements a sidescroll which can be hard to get used to in a Zelda game. I personally think that they did a good job with the sidescrolling in the game.”
     – Hero of Music

“Well for one, I think it’s the most underrated video game ever. It’s my 7th favorite on my list. It was a great game. If you have the patience to walk FOREVER back to where you were if you died, or just the skills to not die, it’s actually a very good game.”
     – 43ForceGems

“AoL ranks about fifth on my Zelda favorites list, so I’d submit that it is in fact that good.

AoL’s overworld leaves a little to be wanted, in terms of both secrets and fast navigation. Other than those two tidbits, I like everything about AoL. The leveling system works pretty well, and makes the game worth playing more than once. I personally like to experiment with strategies every now and then. The bosses are for the most part very cool; I’d go as far to say that many are better than the ones in LoZ. Gooma, Barba, and Dark Link are just all kinds of cool.”
     – dumb180

In my opinion, the second Zelda is a very underrated game. It may not be one of the bests, but it is a very good game. Too many people put it down for the sidescrolling that they implemented into the game, which was actually very nice and worked well. If any of you out there haven’t tried Adventure of Link or are a little intimidated to try it for fear of hating it, I encourage you to go out and get the game. If you need help, just remember you’re surrounded by a Zelda website filled with dedicated and hard-working staff members that are here to help you.

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