They all have to start somewhere. It doesn’t matter how much game series have succeeded or how hard they failed, all come from a very similar starting line. The Legend of Zelda began in a market that was losing faith in video games, and things were looking grim. But Nintendo was willing to take that risk, regardless of the odds, and we all know how much that risk paid off.

Act One of AwesomeFaceProd’s new documentary show on the Zelda series covers both Nintendo’s beginnings and the roots of this now storied franchise. This part covers Shigeru Miyamoto’s original concept for the first game, its development process, as well as the origins of the Princess’ name. The conception and release of the original Zelda game was a fascinating time for sure, and this video presents the story in an entertaining way.

What did you think of Act One? Will you be checking out any more parts to this Zelda documentary? Let us know in the comments below!

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