Anybody who has read any of my posts involving The Wind Waker in some form know that I consider it to be my favorite Zelda game of the series. The massive amount of exploration, the beautiful cel-shaded graphics, and easily one of the best stories in the franchise is why to me it’s one of the greats. Completing it though is a whole unique kind of challenge, especially when it comes to the remaster, The Wind Waker HD.

That’s why I’m glad to see that somebody like Jirard “Dragon Rider” Khalil (AKA The Completionist) gets a kick out of completing a game like this. Fun fact is that this is Jirard’s first time actually playing through The Wind Waker. To complete this game, Jirard breaks down the main aspects he needs to accomplish: completing the main story twice & on Hero Mode, fully & literally charting all of his progress, and obtaining the Nintendo Gallery Figurines.

After exploring every nook and cranny and taking 75 total hours to fully complete the game, The Completionist gives it his highest ranking (and recommendation) of “Complete It”. Jirard really enjoyed all the aspects of the game that a lot of Zelda fans enjoy about The Wind Waker.

This includes the story, exploration, visual effects, what the HD version improved/brought, and more. His only real downsides with the game are the gyroscope controls, a variety of certain treasure chests, and the fact that there’s not much to do after you fully complete The Wind Waker HD. Even though there wasn’t much to do afterwards, Jirard still found the overall experience to be a fun playthrough because of the visuals and gameplay.

In other Zelda news for The Completionist, he confirmed on the first episode of his new show “The Completionist DLC” that a future episode of that series will see him tackling the Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass. That sounds like it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

What did you think of The Completionist’s review? Do you think The Wind Waker HD is worth fully completing like how Jirard did it? Let us know in the comments below!

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