The Amazing BrandO, known more for when he was a part of the Adventures of Duane and BrandO where they created a number of Zelda songs with lyrics. My personal favorite by them was their rendition of Zelda II, which you can see embedded in video form below this news post.

The pair broke up about 6months ago and each of them have been doing their own solo work. In some of BrandO’s recent concerts, he has started to play two new Zelda songs. One of them is his rendition of Kakariko Village from A Link to the Past, played to the music of the song Earth Angel. Immediately following Kakariko Village, BrandO plays the Song of Storms from Ocarina of Time. He also released a studio version of the Song of Storms and you can see that in this news post after the jump.

After BrandO finished much of his set list during his concert, he reunited with Duane to perform one of their trademark songs in Mega Man II. It was nice to see the pair back together for the first time in six months since I’m a big fan of theirs. However, this was just for a few concerts and they aren’t reuniting quite yet. It is nice to know that they both are still making music and new Zelda songs as well. You can check out their version of the original Legend of Zelda.

So what are your thoughts of the two new tracks by BrandO? Have you listened to any of their music before? Any particular tracks you’d like to see them make? Be sure to post in the comments below.

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