As you may already know, Nintendo unleashed an exciting new edition of Nintendo Direct revealing brand new 3DS and Wii U titles for 2014. Unfortunately, no new Zelda titles were shown, yet Nintendo has revealed that NES Remix 2, a collection of classic NES titles with brand new challenges, will be released on Wii U. The great news is Zelda II: The Adventure of Link will be a part of this new collection!

NES Remix 2 allows the gamer to use Link in Mario-themed levels too with new challenges to overcome and complete the game. You can find another screenshot as well as more details after the jump!

Here’s a portion of the press release from Nintendo of America concerning NES Remix 2:

  • NES Remix 2: This second installment of the mashup of classic Nintendo games features challenges from later NES games like Super Mario Bros. 3Kirby’s Adventure and Metroid. Just like NES Remix, the sequel includes stages from the original games with new challenges, as well as modified stages that introduce new elements. The game is scheduled to be available April 25 for $14.99. Best of all, players can unlock a free bonus game:
  • Super Luigi Bros.: This is a full game based on a challenge from NES Remix. It contains all the levels from the original Super Mario Bros. game, only now it stars Luigi and requires players to navigate familiar levels in an unheard-of way – by running to the left! The game even incorporates Luigi’s signature high jump. It’s a fun new spin on a classic game.

A screenshot with Link highlighted in a Mario-themed level can also be viewed below. In NES Remix 2, Link may be controlled to defeat classic Super Mario enemies like the Hammer Bro creating an entirely new objective for the gamer using our Hylian hero. As stated above, NES Remix 2 releases on April 25th for $14.99!


Will you be purchasing NES Remix 2 for Wii U to play new challenges in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link? Are you interested in using Link through Super Mario levels to complete certain objectives? Let us know what you think below!

Source: Nintendo Everything

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