When it comes to video game music,

The Legend of Zelda series stands out as one of the greatest in the business. The scores of Koji Kondo have captivated fans for over 27 years and have effectively become a central part of many games in the series. I still get chills every time I hear a classic medley orchestrated, but none quite like hearing it on a violin. So I was pleased to find that Taylor Davis released a new single this week on her YouTube channel in the form of “Kokiri Forest (From Zelda OoT)”. When talking about Zelda and the violin, many may think of Lindsey Stirling’s “Zelda Medley”, but Taylor Davis has an entire album dedicated to the series and is worth every fan’s attention. Taylor Davis is also known for her recreations of other famous songs from video games, movies, and anime.

Music has always had a major influence on me. I started playing when I was five and it became a central part of my life. When I’m listening to a song, I honestly prefer to have the music tell the story instead of lyrics. That’s part of the reason that the

Zelda series is so important to me. It doesn’t use music to simply fill the silence, or create it in some cases, but it emphasizes the power of music as part of the story. That’s what makes performances like Taylor’s so incredible. She isn’t just playing the notes, she is capturing the feelings that come from them. It’s hard to listen to this and not swell up with tears of nostalgia, but maybe that’s just because I’m a softy when it comes to music.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, take a few minutes to sit back and appreciate a beautiful rendition of one of the the catchiest tunes from Ocarina of Time. Do you enjoy this kind of music? What are your favorite songs to hear orchestrated? Let us know what you thought in the comments section below.

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