Hands down, my favorite quest in Breath of the Wild was “From the Ground Up.” Akkala has always been my favorite region to explore, I loved the meditative gathering that building Tarrey Town required (can you tell I’m also an Animal Crossing fan?), and the resulting storylines were heartwarming and rewarding. Tarrey Town, by the player’s own making, becomes a cozy oasis in an often inhospitable world, with a whole host of lovely design touches.

My love of Tarrey Town is why I absolutely drank in Crossing Crafts’ video “I Made a TINY TARREY TOWN from Breath of the Wild.” If you like witnessing meticulous crafting, some on-the-go ingenuity, and the use of both warm colors and humor, this build video is for you! While the 33 minute run-time may seem like a significant commitment, grab a warm drink or a snack and stick around to the end — it’s well worth taking in every minute!

Crossing Crafts, a creator who also goes by Diana, is a seasoned maker of video game and anime-themed sculptures, dioramas, and miniatures. Other Zelda-themed builds that they’ve featured on their YouTube channel include a Malanya the Horse God sculpture and a Cursed Naydra sculpture. Other franchises featured prominently on the channel include Minecraft, Pokémon, and Animal Crossing.

In “I Made a TINY TARREY TOWN from Breath of the Wild,” Crossing Crafts creates an incredible tiny replica of Tarrey Town out of a foam base, paint, coffee stir sticks, and glue. As Crossing Crafts notes in the video description, this build was no joke:

This video took me OVER A MONTH to make. An estimated 300+ hours crafting and editing, achieving a personal editing record of: 543 total clips, 213 voice clips that made it in (595 voice clips total), trimmed down from hundreds of hours of footage. I am super proud of this one, I’d dare call it my magnum opus!

Crossing Craft’s Tarrey Town build is truly fantastic. What was especially enjoyable for me was watching the creator’s clean painting skills. I enjoy painting mini figures, but I do not have Crossing Crafts’ practiced, steady hand! Watching them work is so impressive.

You can find Crossing Crafts on YouTube, Etsy, and TikTok. Want to show them your support? You can also find them on Patreon and Ko-Fi. They weren’t able to include every detail of the Tarrey Town build process in their video, but if enough fans request it, they’ll be making another video showcasing additional footage! If you’d like to see even more humorously narrated crafting content, head on over to Crossing Crafts’ YouTube channel, subscribe, and let them know you want to see more!

What did you think of Crossing Crafts’ Tiny Tarrey Town build? What other other iconic Zelda figures or locations would you like to see Crossing Crafts tackle next? Let us know down below, and don’t forget to go show Crossing Crafts some Zelda Dungeon support!

Source: Crossing Crafts

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