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As a lot of you probably know, yesterday the Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Plaza held a massive launch event for, not one, but three new Nintendo games: Super Mario 3D World, Mario Party: Island Tour, and, most notably, A Link Between Worlds! All launch events are exciting, even if you find yourself unable to attend and can only read about the festivities. Celebrations for just one game can be massive, so for three games from two of Nintendo’s highest…

A Link Between Worlds is supposed to come out on November 22 in both North America and Europe, but as we’ve seen a French retailer and now a Mexican retailer have broken that date. As early as last week the game was available to some in France, and now for some reason at HEB Mexico A Link Between Worlds is being sold. Hit the jump for more!

Issue 102 of Official Nintendo Magazine has come out, and with that their scores of many games including A Link Between Words. Spoiler, A Link Between Worlds received a fantastic score. In fact, compared to the rest of the games that Official Nintendo Magazine reviewed, it had absolutely the best score, followed closely by Super Mario 3D World. Hit the jump to read more!

Recently on Twitter, Nintendo World has announced that they will be releasing A Link Between Worlds and Mario Party: Island Tour, and Super Mario 3D World four hours before its official release date, November 22nd. For those unfamiliar with Nintendo World, it is a Nintendo store located in Rockefeller Plaza in New York, New York. Don’t believe me? Hit the jump to see the tweet itself.