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Of the massive amount of weapons, items, and companions found throughout the Legend of Zelda series, the very first one is a sword given to Link by an old man in a cave. The player has no idea the treasure trove of weapons awaiting him on his journey. But what if the old man had dumped every item onto Link, first thing? Well, the design team at Paint’d Fox Creations perfectly crafted that scenario on a comical and unique t-shirt…

For those of our fans in the UK who have been holding off on buying that shiny new Wii U Deluxe or 3DS XL, now might be the time to finally give in. The Official Nintendo UK store has thrown a piece of Zelda merchandise into the mix, and it’s not too shabby. Head past the jump for details. 

Zelda fans, if you feel that your

wardrobe is a bit thin, perhaps you should have a look at this t-shirt design

from ShirtPunch? The limited edition tee, labeled

Master Using It, features the famous Master Sword on a black

background. It can now be yours for $10, but is also available in variety of

format, ranging from hoodies to smartphone covers!

Get your shirt here now, but remember, it’s a limited-time offer!

The popular website ShirtPunch has made quite a name for itself by providing awesome and affordable shirts for nerds everywhere every single day. Each day they feature new shirt designs from fan artists for a cool $10, but only for those 24 hours. Continuing their tradition of providing awesome Zelda related T-shirts, today they’re featuring the Master Sword-based design “Master Using It” by InkOne. If you are interested in this neat shirt for just $10, hit the jump! But be warned;…

We at Zelda Informer love sexy stuff. And this shirt up for sale on ShirtPunch is more than that. For those unfamiliar, ShirtPunch offers daily game related designs of shirts that will be available for 24 hours and no more. Well, buckle up folks and pull out your credit cards, because at the time of writing, there’s only 15 hours left to grab this amazing design.

Another notable thing—this is a returning design, due to its overwhelming popularity the first time around. This simply means that after today, you will never be able to buy this shirt ever again. What the hell are you waiting for?

If you can catch them, shirt sales at The Yetee are absolutely fantastic. Only $11 for a new, unique shirt isn’t too bad, and they often have really cool designs on them. Today their special features our very special Tingle on a shirt appropriately called, “The Legend of Tingle”. It’s got plenty of other graphics on the design in addition to Tingle, though, so you don’t have to worry about him taking too much of the focus. What are you waiting…

Online retailer The Yetee is running a deal where you can get a holiday Zelda shirt for only $13, but the deal is ending soon! It’s a fantastic looking shirt, and it’s relatively inexpensive for what it is, especially if it’s decent quality. Right now there’s just under seven hours to purchase the shirt, so if you hurry you can grab yourself one or even more as holiday presents. Hit the jump for more!

Best of Redbubble Zelda

September 22 2013 by LukeSaturn

I am not sure how many of you already know about the art website Redbubble, but chances are a sizable amount of you do. It has gotten fairly popular and been featured and referenced on this website a number of times. I was hoping to do sort of a “Have you heard of this awesome website?” kind of post, but a fellow writer here on Zelda Dungeon, Alexander, already did that earlier this year. And he pretty much covered what…

Zelda fans love to show off their love for the series, and online clothing retailer ShirtPunch understands that. The site offers two custom designs a day, always high quality and made by a talented independent artist, for anyone to order for a reasonable price. For 24 hours only, the site is now offering a t-shirt design inspired by Majora’s Mask, and it’s a must-have for lovers of the eerie Nintendo 64 title. Hit the jump for the details!

Club Nintendo is a great way to acquire rare gaming merchandise, straight from Nintendo itself. Although it serves as a generous incentive to purchase and register games, the issue is often raised concerning how certain regions often seem to receive better rewards than others. One of the most recent cases of this perhaps lies in Japan’s Club Nintendo, which have just started stocking a very impressive trio of t-shirts based on recent and upcoming Wii U games, including The Wind…