Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

photo (4) Of the massive amount of weapons, items, and companions found throughout the Legend of Zelda series, the very first one is a sword given to Link by an old man in a cave. The player has no idea the treasure trove of weapons awaiting him on his journey. But what if the old man had dumped every item onto Link, first thing? Well, the design team at Paint’d Fox Creations perfectly crafted that scenario on a comical and unique t-shirt design! It’s a must see creation and a worth-while buy for any Zelda fan.

photo (5)

The artists at Paint’d Fox Creations have crammed nearly every Zelda item, mode of transport, companion, and weapon into one incredible design– and they did it using Microsoft Paint. That’s right, the charm of this design comes from its distinct creation process and Paint’d Fox Creations even has a video up on its website showcasing this specific design’s creation.

This shirt can be purchased for AU$35.00 to AU$35.10 –roughly $30.00 in US dollars– in a multitude of colors, and both male and female shirt styles. A print of this design will also be available for AU$25.00, or around $20 US. Also check out Paint’d Fox Creations website to view their other designs; they have created clever shirt designs for other video game series, movies, and TV shows. There’s even another Zelda design!

What do you think of this Zelda t-shirt? Would you like to see Paint’d Fox Creations make more Zelda related designs? Let your opinions be heard in the comments!

Source: Paint’d Fox Creations

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