Tag: Sealed Grounds

Several weeks ago, the development team at Tecmo Koei released the Hyrule Warriors Fi trailer. Just recently, Nintendo Everything released a YouTube video of footage from the Sealed Grounds, featuring Fi and her dance skills in action! Hit the jump to take a look!

With all the well-deserved hype for Hyrule Warriors, we are being blessed daily with many new images of the game’s contents. I was practically drooling over the Twilight Princess material that came out recently, but a new mega batch has emerged that shows the Skyward Sword side to the game more explicitly. With the set we also get tons of new information about the game to enjoy. Hit the jump to see!

Hi fellow Zelda Dungeon fanatics and welcome, once again, to another Timeshift Thursday feature! This week I’m looking forward to sharing and discussing a climatic battle scene with you from Link’s latest adventure, Skyward Sword, in which I’ve found the combat before the corresponding final battle to be a richer, more difficult experience. Because Skyward Sword doesn’t include the most amount of highlights for a Zelda game, in my opinion, I haven’t leaned toward writing a feature revolving around the…