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Ganon the Animation

April 26 2015 by Djinn

Animator Alexis Morand recently posted an amazing new video featuring animated adventures of the Gerudo king titled Ganon. In the video we see some popular scenes from various parts of the series such as Koholint Island, Lost Woods, and Death Mountain only from the perspective of Ganondorf in the place of Link. He wanders from familiar scene to familiar scene to a musical score from James O’Connor Moneley. Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

There are several elements of the Zelda franchise, including multimedia projects and materials. However, musicals based on video games are considerably rare, and there is one based on Ocarina of Time available on YouTube. A group by the name of The League of Extraordinary Thespians uploaded a fan made musical based on the events of Ocarina of Time, all for a fundraiser for pediatric cancer. Hit the jump to take a look!

Hello readers! Brian here with the fifteenth edition of “The Best and Worst of Zelda.” This week we’ll be continuing where we left off last week! Don’t forget to comment your ideas for future topics below! Musical instruments have become not only helpful items, but thematic staples in the plot of a Zeelda game. This, I believe, begins in Ocarina of Time and carries through many future games in the series. As we had made it through every game up…

European video game retailer GAME revealed earlier this week that gamers who pre-ordered A Link Between Worlds would receive model treasure chests that play Zelda’s classic treasure jingle. This tiny collector’s piece was shown off in a Vine video released on Nintendo Uk’s Twitter account, starring Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma and Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. The treasure chest was an instant hit, exciting fans throughout the UK for a pretty nifty pre-order bonus, but sadly, that excitement was short-lived. According…

Do you remember Mitchell Moffit, the super talented guy who created (and sang the part of Link in) “Zelda: The Musical” on YouTube? Well, he’s back with an all new Zelda song, a cover of the “Final Hour” from Majora’s Mask! He added lyrics and a completely different arrangement to the song, but kept it true to the mood of the original terrifying tune. The imagery in the video comes from a contest he held, and it is certainly impressive….

Zelda the Musical

April 13 2012 by Ally Paige

It’s always good to see different types of materials made by Zelda fans. YouTuber mitchellmoffit has created a wonderful music video based on Ocarina of Time. It begins with Link learning about his destiny from the Great Deku Tree and continues to show a brief battle between Link and Ganondorf. There’s even a short disagreement between Zelda and Malon over who deserves to be Link’s girlfriend. If you want to watch the video yourself, check it out after the jump….