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This week, Adam gives his own theories on the hero’s spirit, the gang discusses the idea of the tragedies in between games, and they also discuss the untapped relationships that Link and his female friends have. We start off with some spider talk, and other general nonsense but find out way to a serious conversation towards the end. We also discuss the cultural impacts that are noticeable in each of the installments in the franchise…

Covers of Majora’s Mask music are not hard to come by lately, but few go as far as to effectively place you into the world of Termina. In a new cinematic arrangement of the game’s chilling Oath to Order, composer Rozen plants listeners into Majora’s Mask‘s final hours. This cover, titled “Termina’s Demise,” is both emotional and beautiful, as one can imagine the feelings of Clock Town‘s citizens as the Clock Tower ticks down to zero…

Zelda U Fan Theories and Harmony of Heroes! With Jake and Chris away for the holidays, our european team steps up to the plate! This week we discuss fantastic fan music and theories. Loved diving into the conversation on this episode. Join us for episode 17 and get involved in the conversation in our comments section!

Just a few months ago, we featured the Smash Bros. tribute album entitled Harmony of Heroes, including 101 tracks and over seven hours of music. The team behind this project recently announced a brand new set of additional tracks, including several new Zelda songs. Harmony of Heroes takes fans from all over the world, arranging a variety of music genres from several Nintendo franchises. Hit the jump to take a look!

Back in October, we told you about Harmony of Heroes: a free, fan-made Super Smash Bros. tribute album. Love it as much as we do? Luckily for you, it’s just received an 112 minute expansion named Final Smash, and it features songs inspired by the Wii U and 3DS versions of Super Smash Bros

Harmony of Heroes is a fan made album honoring the music of the Super Smash Bros. series, featuring several Zelda arrangements. The album is the largest fan-arrangement album, including seven hours of music with over 101 tracks. It is a global effort, teaming up with many different groups and talented musicians. This incredible album features memorable Zelda tunes, so hit the jump to take a look!