Note: In this episode I say that Eiji Aonuma has expressed in an interview saying how the player character is not Link. Mr. Aonuma has never said Link was not the player character, in fact he firmly believes the opposite. Just understand the opinions I’m attributing to Mr. Aonuma are more accurately my own. Also, while Zeldathon was going on at the time of this recording, it has concluded, raising over $100,000 for charity.

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This week on the podcast, our very European cast discusses

Zelda U theories, some of our own ideas for games and Link‘s identity as we sit down with the producer of Harmony of Heroes! During my talk with Darren, we’ll be playing a couple of tracks from Harmony of Heroes and the new expansion album titled Final Smash which features over 25 new amazing songs. Music selection will change based on the focus of the conversation. Do you have your own topics and theories you want discussed? Think Adam did something wrong? Just wanna say hello? Well email us at with your words (kind or otherwise) as well as any fan art, theme song submissions, topics and more.

Comment Topic of the week: What’s your gaming moment where you had the wrong cartridge or the wrong setup to be able to play with? We’ve all had that moment (Sega Genesis, with your 32x)

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Tracks Featured from Harmony of Heroes

  • Who Will Win the Race?
  • No Metal on Planet Zebes
  • Saria’s Fairy-Go-Round
  • Tune of Tempests
  • Dark Horizons

Tracks from Final Smash

  • Battle of Generations
  • Your Face is History
  • The Year 200X
  • Cucco Revenge Squad

Banner Art

  • Punk Zelda
  • Punk Link by jeweledelephant (no artist page found that has the image)
  • Clockwork Legend Ganondorf (Unknown artist)
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