zelda-symphonyLike all good things, the Symphony of the Goddesses tour must come to an end. For now at least. As of 2014, the Symphony of the Goddesses tour will be going on hiatus after months of performing our favorite Zelda melodies on stage around the globe. According to producer Jason Michael Paul, we can defiantly expect a “special” return in 2015. Perhaps this could mean a different round of songs to be played, or even new areas to tour. Hit the jump for what producer Paul had to say!

According to an interview with iNintendoWiiU, producer Jason Michael Paul confirms the status of the Symphony of the Goddesses and it’s return.

iNintendoWiiUThe Symphony of the Goddess tour has been a huge success and
continues to draw crowds. With this in mind, are there any plans for
next year? How long will this tour continue on for?

Jason Michael Paul “Next year we will be on a hiatus for the Zelda tour. I will touring my new show rePlay Symphony of Heroes. We should be coming with something special for Zelda fans in 2015.”

Fortunately, for those of you have yet to experience such a stunning Symphony of the Goddesses performance, you’re not entirely at a loss. Think a year wait would be worth it? Given that the 2015 tour will have something special in store, it certainly would be a great time to go. Who knows, there may be new songs, new areas to tour, or perhaps a hint of Zelda Wii U? You never know. Looking forward to their return? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: iNintendoWiiU

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