A lot of people seem to be really excited for the new Street Fighter game coming for the Nintendo 3DS, so I figured it was time to share a few new details about it as well as some screenshots and the official box art as presented to us by Capcom in Japan yesterday. We do know already that if the 3DS is in sleep mode while your walking around, if a another nearby 3DS is also in sleep mode with SFIV in it, the two games will fight each other automatically. How this system works is still unclear, as is what fighter it chooses and how it determines the winner. Chances are a lot of it has to do with your personal versus statistics as well as your most used character. We have the Japan release inside along with box art and a couple more screens.




As for when this game is hitting Japan, it will be released on February 26th, making it a Japan launch title. This all but assures the game “should” be a launch title stateside. This may have to keep us engaged with our fighting skills until Super Smash Bros. finally makes an appearance on a handheld.

Source: Andriasang

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