Now that I’ve got your attention… wait is that Wahluigi? WAH! Okay, so this is only mildly funny but it still brought a nice smile to my day after a long day of work. Slightly better porno styled music would of made this much better, but either way you slice it I was entertained. I especially loved the DK, Yoshi, and Bowser cameo.

Setting this video aside I just wanted to apologize for my personal lack of effort at the site the last few days. I actually took a day off in there (yes, my first actual day off in almost 3 years) and have been really slacking on the daily reflections series. No worries though as it’s all coming back, and expect frequent updates from here on out as we continue to bring you some coverage. Oh, and it appears we have neglected Zelda news of late, so look for that to make a nice return as well. Props to GoNintendo for the video find..

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