Goron Mario

The highly anticipated Super Mario Galaxy 2 is set for release later this year and many have been wondering how it is going to change compared to the original Mario Galaxy. What new abilities, what new levels will there be? Will it be as good as the first? Whatever you were expecting, you would probably never have thought it would turn Zelda on you. Well, Justin Haywald in his Super Mario Galaxy 2 preview at 1up.com can’t help but see strong resemblances to the Zelda series. One of the new abilities is Rock Mario, who Justin likes to call Goron Mario in tribute to Majora’s Mask. Not only that, but apparently Galaxy 2 shares Zelda style block sliding puzzles, a Zelda-esque 2D platforming style, and some power ups similar to some of Link’s arsenal. Is Justin just so obsessed with Zelda, understandably so, that he sees it in everything, or does he have a point? Time will tell. You can read the full article here.

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