Sometimes people ask why the 3DS isn’t double stick. One is normally used to control the camera, but having the gyro sensor you can replace the analogue stick by moving the console, which is very intuitive.Shigeru Miyamoto

This interview was from a few days ago, but apparently we missed the part where Miyamoto used this tidbit in talking about Super Mario 3D. I sincerely hope that this isn’t the only way to control the camera on the 3DS, because as neat as the Gyroscope is for some games, it can get overly annoying if I “have” to use it to move the camera in a platform game representing 3D on a console where if the console isn’t placed just right the 3D effect can be ruined.

As in, it seems a tad counter intuitive to “force” the camera functionality to be like that. Here is hoping that it’s simply just an option rather than a requirement, just like in Ocarina of Time 3D. In that game you can use the Gyroscope to aim the slingshot, but you can also use the Circle Pad. Hopefully we can use the touch screen in Super Mario 3D, or at least have a “smart” camera.

Source: Nintendo Life

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