Today’s Direct presented us anxiously-awaiting fans with plenty of exciting news on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Among that flurry of information, we saw the presentation of several new game modes. These new modes include:

  • Squad Strike: 5-on-5 or 3-on-3, in which players will choose their character lineup and battle it out, elimination-style, to determine a winner.
  • Tourney Mode: Choose the number of players, up to 32, and the game will construct a bracket to determine an ultimate winner.
  • Smashdown: After a battle in Smashdown, characters previously selected will no longer be available. This mode encourages players to be skilled with multiple characters.
  • Training Mode: Featuring an exclusive grid stage, this mode will help players hone their skills and measure their launch distance when striking other players.
  • Classic Mode: Single player mode returns, renamed. Players will battle a series of characters, one-on-one.

What do you think of these new modes?  We can’t wait for Smash to come (is it December yet?).  Stay tuned for more info as it comes in!


Source: Nintendo Direct

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