Just as Super Smash Bros. for 3DS has Smash Run, the Wii U version of the game will receive a game mode called Smash Tour. The exclusive feature plays mostly like a board game, playable by up to four contestants. Spinning a wheel allows players to progress across the game board, collecting power-ups and fighters as they move forward. If two players land on the same square, players will be forced to fight usingg the fighters they collected in the order they collected them. Losing a match could allow the winning player to steal away a fighter from the loser.

Along with the basic concept of the game special events will randomly take place, although not much is sure as to what these entail. During the livestream, one of these special events was shared where a bullet bill is shown flying towards the map, taking out three players in one shot. At the very end of the game, when a player has rwached the final checkpoint, a final showdown will take place where every fighter has to use the power-ups and fighters they collected to defeat everyone involved. Players that collected more fighters will have an advantage over others, as the playable characters also count as stock.

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Source: Gamnesia

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