StarFox3D64.jpgWith all the excitement surrounding Ocarina of Time 3D lately, we have to be careful not to forget that other Nintendo 64 remake: Star Fox 64. Japanese retailer Tsutaya disclosed details regarding the 3DS Star Fox gathered from a recent retailer briefing via their Twitter page. Some of it we already knew, such as the fact that there will be two major control options: traditional “N64” mode, which uses the analog stick to steer your ship, and 3DS mode which will employ the gyro tilt sensor – most of the new info concerns multiplayer.

The most pointed news regarding the multiplayer mode is that, no, there will be no online play option. It’s kind of a stab in the face to gamers who have been hoping that the 3DS will begin a new era of Nintendo online multiplayer, since an updated version of a classic for a new platform seems like a perfect time to add in an online feature. I know it’s unlikely that I’ll ever really get a chance to do traditional local wireless with anyone I know. Some more details:

  • 3DS Download Play will be supported (presumably single-card play)
  • Still supports up to 4-players
  • During combat your face will be shown as an icon so you can distinguish between players – unknown whether it’s your Mii’s face or if this feature will use the camera

Not a whole lot here, but at least now the Star Fox 64 battle mode enthusiasts know what to expect from the 3D remake. Well, I know I won’t be buying this game for the multiplayer, that’s for sure… Fortunately I love me some classic on-rails Star Fox action, and since I haven’t played the game in years that’ll amp up the nostalgia factor exponentially (I hope).

Source: Tsutaya via Andriasang

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