SGSWLLNThe Zelda games have inspired a lot of very beautiful fan art. And I reckon we’ve seen Zelda themes find their way into every single medium imaginable. To the left you can see the latest stained glass effort from Reddit member the3rdstarter!

This is not the first stained glass artwork from a Zelda fan, it follows on the heels of the stained glass Hylian Crest, and the incredible Wind Waker stained glass (amongst others). This latest effort comes from the design of the Hylian shield in Skyward Sword, and is just as beautiful as all the rest.

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A complete photo essay showing how the stained glass shield was created has been posted on imgur. Reading that makes it all look so easy, if only I had the time and the skill to try it out. Till then I’ll have to contend myself with admiring the work of others.


I’m quite sure many are now looking to acquire one for yourselves! Unfortunately there’s no sign that this one is going up for sale.

Source: Imgur

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