Spirit Tracks Fan Art

This seemingly rare Spirit Tracks fan art was produced by one of our local forum members, AShadowLink. I haven’t seen a whole lot of art for what I consider one of the best Zelda titles to date, so when something shows up I am bound to find a good reason to post it. Spirit Tracks released in late 2009 and while widely considered superior to the game it directly follows up, Phantom Hourglass, it suffered in the sales department. Whether it was from over fatigue of the art style or the disappointment that the previous entry instilled in a full touch Zelda title… heck maybe it was the train, it just didn’t do as well as anticipated as it was quickly being discounted mere months later due to over production. If you have yet to play the game, I suggest picking it up from the discount bin and giving it whirl.

So what is this record we broke? Yesterday I presented a challenge to our forum members to see if they could set a new bar heading into 2011. That bar was “mosts posts in one day”, where the previous record was 1216 posts. I told them the goal was 1300 and if met we would throw a party on friday. While, not only was the goal met, it was SHATTERED. We hit 1709 posts yesterday, setting a new site record we will hopefully top at some point in 2011. So, now what? On friday be sure to head on over to the forums for a nice new years eve party, which is going to culminate in an “art” related contest that will have a real prize, and that particular contest is going to also lead into a new contest that is going to happen in January in 2011. Check back friday for more details, or better yet, why not join our growing forum community?

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