Spirit Tracks HD Gameplay

Two more Spirit Tracks gameplay videos are now available courtesy of Digital Chumps. These videos however are in high definition and give us a clear look at the Spirit Tracks gameplay.

The first video is the complete E3 Dungeon Demo that was playable at this years E3. Link travels along with his phantom friend as he solves various puzzles and fights off many familiar and new enemies. Link will get the whirlwind within the dungeon and use it to solve several puzzles. The demo concludes with what appears to be somewhat of a boss battle. After defeating a mighty zora warrior, Link gets a full heart container and the demo comes to a conclusion.

The second video showcases the train sequence. It seems a bit lengthy and very linear to get from one place to another on the tracks. The player of the video himself did not overly enjoy the train portion and you can read all about it in the Digital Chump Spirit Tracks Impressions article. The second video also showcases the boss demo. The boss was taken care of quite easily utilizing Link’s newest weapon, the whirlwind.

Spirit Tracks HD Dungeon Demo Gameplay
Spirit Tracks HD Train and Boss Demo

Remember, Zelda Dungeon will be providing an in-depth Spirit Tracks Walkthrough when the game ships later this year.

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