Spirit Tracks Difficulty?

Spirit Tracks Screenshot

Eiji Aonuma talked with Kotaku about the difficulty of the upcoming Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks. The past few weeks we’ve had some conflicting reports. It seems in interviews that the masterminds behind the game are insisting that it is a bit more difficult, but several previews and reviews of the game have stated that it still says on the easier side of things. Here are a few tidbits from the interview.

Development team members, including [senior Nintendo developer] Mr. [Takashi] Tezuka and myself, actually got stuck in several places. So the dungeons and puzzles pose a different type of challenge than what we have utilized in previous games, and will certainly require longtime Zelda fans to approach each challenge differently.

The one consistent piece of feedback we received about the controls in Phantom Hourglass was that it was too challenging to execute the roll move. You had to draw little circles at the edge of the screen to make Link roll. This is actually something we felt similarly about during development, but ended up not having enough time left in the schedule to implement another solution. In Spirit Tracks, this move is done by tapping anywhere on the screen, so hopefully players get more use out of it.

Click here to view the full interview. Spirit Tracks is set to ship in just 12 days!

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