Breath of the Wild will forever be the Zelda game that tests the limitations of challenges and glitches. While we patiently wait for news on the sequel, players are continuously breaking boundaries on Breath of the Wild through many creative ways. We’ve seen the Master Sword get stolen by a Yiga Clan member, and we’ve seen impossible chests being reached, and oddly enough, there is still plenty more to discover. 

Speedrunner Limcube provided the ultimate challenge: complete all 120 Shrines without the use of Runes. The concept is quite complicated, as most Shrines require you to use certain Runes to reach the Sheikah Monk. Without the benefit of these abilities, Limcube uses ingenious glitches and combinations to complete the Shrines. It takes a lot of strategizing to figure out how to defeat and access some of them, but within one sitting in 28 hours, they accomplished that goal. 

In their video, they explain their thought process and even follow advice from the audience when things get tough. For Shrines that are underground and depend on Runes such as the Camera, Limcube relies on the Shrine Coordinate Warp technique. However, what’s more fascinating about this challenge was the new discovery of talking to a Korok that aided them in accessing the remaining Shrines! As strange as it sounds, the new glitch was definitely useful, and I’m sure other players may want to take advantage of this skill. 

Should you want to see more, Limcube streams new glitches and challenges in the game, so be sure to follow their Twitch and YouTube channel.

We have reached a point that we are finding new odd ways to test ourselves in Breath of the Wild, but that’s what keeps us sane while we wait for the sequel! What do you think of this challenge? Would you dare to accomplish all 120 Shrines without the use of Runes? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Limcube (via Nintendo Life)

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