Soundscapes Volume 3 Release

A few months back Zelda Reorchestrated had cut their usual weekly updates into bi-weekly updates. While at the time this seemed very unfortunate for us fans, the reason for doing so was because they were working on a few much larger projects. Today, one of these projects has been unveiled, Soundscapes Volume 3.

The soundscapes albums consist of more than your standard reorchestrated theme songs. They also includes sound effects of the surroundings of the various locations. You can hear the sound of the water as you are listening to Zora’s Domain, or the sound of the forest animals as you listen to Kokiri Forest. With the added sound effects on top of the brilliant reorchestrations, it makes you feel like you are in the game! Volume 3 of the soundscapes contains 10 tracks plus 3 bonus tracks, making it the longest soundscape yet. It really is a brilliant piece of work and any true Zelda fan must check it out.

To go along with the release of volume 3, FireGS, the creator of ZREO has conducted an interview with Zentendo about the release of the album. For the full interview, be sure to check out the link below, courtesy of Zentendo.

Zelda Reorchestrated Soundscapes Volume 3
Zentendo Interview with FireGS, creator of ZREO

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