thumb_hIQd1.jpgThere was one rumor out there we overlooked in the last couple weeks, and it was related to Sonic Generations, the next “great” Sonic game, heading to the Nintendo 3DS. For those wondering, it definitely won’t be coming to the Wii. The game is mix up of two optional styles of play, which include the classic side scrolling and the newer 3D perspective that has become common place in today’s Sonic titles. The game was created not just to bring a new Sonic game to the world, but to celebrate Sonic’s 20th anniversary.

When is the game coming? Who knows, but Nintendo Power has confirmed it’s coming to a store near you later this year. We will have to wait until next month’s Nintendo Power arrives in order to find out if there are any exclusive 3DS features outside of the obvious 3D effect.

Moving on, the cover confirms that Shinobi and Mega Man Legends 3 will be getting classic revivals, and we naturally assume this is for the 3DS. Very interesting huh? I would love a chance to play Shinobi if it gets a full remake for the 3DS.


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