The Wind Waker HD is currently the only mainline Zelda game released at retail on the Wii U, but what’s more important than the fact the game was remade is the glitches that are possible. Son of a Glitch, a show that is part of YouTube channel A+Start, decided to tackle The Wind Waker HD and show us 27 different glitches… and how to actually perform them. They are also going to do a second part where they go over glitches in the original The Wind Waker for GameCube, as each game has things exclusive to their versions for glitching. Here’s a list of the glitches covered in this episode:

  1. Zombie Hover
  2. Roll Clipping
  3. Pig Glitches
  4. Windfall Island Glitches (Theme, Statue, Random Fall Through Windfall)
  5. Dragon Roost Cavern Trick
  6. Forbidden Woods Leaf Pumping
  7. Forbidden Woods Roll Clip
  8. Pirate Password Skip
  9. Gossip Stone Skip Glitch (Blackout)
  10. Tower Of The Gods Floor 1 Skip
  11. Hyrule Puzzle Skip
  12. Hyrule Fight/ Barrier Skip
  13. Helmaroc King Skip
  14. Earth Temple Tricks
  15. Earth Temple Boss Key Skip
  16. Wind Temple Tricks and Glitches
  17. Ghost Ship Chart L-Slide Clip
  18. Song Of Passing Inside Rocks
  19. Bait Bag Skip
  20. Hyoi Pear Dive
  21. Seagull Inside Outset Island
  22. Back In Time Glitch
  23. Cabana Deed Skip
  24. Sewer Skull Hammer Trick
  25. Hyrule Field Out Of Bounds
  26. Ganon’s Trials Skip
  27. Ganondorf Final Boss Game-breaking Glitch

This entire video is pretty awesome. I’m about to fire up The Wind Waker HD and try some of them myself!

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