In an earlier news post, we

saw some of Spirit Tracks’ gameplay; however, it only showed one of the

three playable parts from E3: the train. In this new 10 minute video,

we get a closer look at the other two parts: a dungeon and a boss

fight. The dungeon shows the use of the Phantom, in ways that seem

quite expected, while the boss fight

features Link and the whirlwind item vs. what some are referring to as ‘the ass monster.’

The game looks like it still has a few kinks to work out, and as we’ve established, it isn’t going to be one for the hardcore fans. The more we see, the more like Phantom Hourglass it becomes, yet Nintendo has taken the effort to incorporate some new items this time around. Nevertheless, the game does seem to show some promise for at least one enjoyable playthrough. Check it out below.

Notice how the Phantom talks to Link, which could indicate that he is the person we saw speaking to Link in the previous train gameplay video.

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