Zelda's HarpOne aspect of Skyward Sword we haven’t touched upon is Zelda’s harp. We originally saw it, as pictured on the left, in part of Link’s inventory at GDC 2011. Now with new trailer and demo, we have come to realize that the harp appears to belong to Zelda at the start of the game. Many have pointed out that the harp is the same shape as the one Sheik has in Ocarina of Time.

Some call foul play in using that item, but on second thought was that item ever really a “Sheikah item”? We all know that Sheik is just Zelda in disguise, so isn’t it entirely possible that it’s just Zelda’s item that she happened to use as a Sheik? Of course, we’ve never had any real importance attached to the harp. In Ocarina of Time it was nothing other than a musical instrument – not like the Ocarina which could affect time flow and all sorts of neat things. Still, we do know at some point Link does receive and is able to use the harp. Musical instruments in Zelda have played a big role for a long time, but what role does it play this time? How does Link even obtain it?

If I had to speculate, I’d say Link catches up to Demon Lord Ghirahim around the 3rd dungeon (yes, they fight in the first, but Zelda isn’t present) and actually has a chance to save Zelda. However, a new ability arises from Ghirahim and Zelda simply “drops” the harp as they teleport away. What sort of magical abilities will the instrument have this time?

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