Although their bank account would suggest otherwise, Nintendo’s career hasn’t been entirely perfect. Thanks to goldmines like the Game Boy, DS, and Wii, monumental disappointments such as the N64DD and the Virtual Boy haven’t put the company six feet under. The former, home to Ura Zelda, which eventually became Ocarina of Time: Master Quest, only sold around 15,000 units in Japan, never seeing the light of day in the US, Europe, or anywhere else. The latter was discontinued after one year and is now considering one of the biggest jokes in all of the video game world. And then there’s the Philips’ CD-i, which every Legend of Zelda fan already knows and hates. All three failures were covered in Sloshspot’s “The 9 Biggest Video Game Flops,” which you can read here.

Feel free to drop a joke about the Wii in the comments sections, kids.

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