Miyamoto Playing Skyward Sword

The placement is mostly surprising not because it should be higher, but because after a really poor showing last year it’s namesake is really carrying a lot of weight with the writers. Obviously for us Skyward Sword is the most anticipated software title at E3, but that doesn’t mean from a non biased perspective that it really should be that high. They mention a lot of things that were promised with the game, including a revamped dungeon field method, yet because we haven’t seen it yet it leaves a lot of things up in the air.

I understand the anticipation from a simply “we know nothing” standpoint. We’ve had a few trace hints in some interviews and one demo which mostly showed off the new controls. We haven’t seen any indication of the so called “revamped gameplay”, nor have we seen anything about the story. You assume this will be rectified, so in this case it can be anticipated simply because you know we’ll be getting an information overload. I guess I am not so much saying it doesn’t deserve a spot, mostly just noting how Zelda carries such a heavy name it will get included with all the other big boys where as Mario 3D, a unique 3DS title, isn’t among those fellas. I digress, Skyward Sword should be on the list from a fan boy perspective, but there are so many great games that could of edged it out. This is as big of a sign of respect to the Zelda franchise as you can get right now. Of course, video after the jump. Do I really even need to say that anymore?

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