As the year is coming to a close, Zelda fans everywhere eagerly await for the start of 2011. It is said that Skyward Sword will be gracing the public with its presence sometime around early 2011. However, when is that exactly? Over at, a French news site for all things Wii, there is some speculation that the release date might be in March. This prediction stems from Nintendo’s trend of releasing a big title each month. In Europe, Wii Party came out in October, Fling Smash in November, Donkey Kong Country Returns in December, Mario Sports Mix will be released in January, and Kirby’s Epic Yarn in February. So what about March? Of course, this is all speculation, but things are looking quite positive. Who knows? Europe’s release dates are also often later than the release dates for North America, so, many of us may even possibly get our hands on a copy of Skyward Sword a bit earlier. Here’s hopin’!


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