The Legend of Zelda – Skyward Sword has just gotten several new pieces of information related to its release date, console availability as well as more surprises! Several tidbits have been shown in a video that accompanied the opening orchestra playing a Zelda medley.

Firstly, Miyamoto confirmed the game for a “holiday season 2011”, on the Wii. This confirms it folks, there is no “Current” port. However, perhaps the more interesting part is the fact that a gold-colored Wii remote (Surely with built in motion plus) will be included with the game. This was speculated at some point last year but was never confirmed until now.

Lastly, as the on-stage orchestra was performing a Zelda medley, the video that accompanied it showed a scene of Link without the hero garb riding some sort of bird. Next to him flew Zelda, with a brand new look, and it does look egyptian to some degree, as speculated only a few days ago! Stay tuned for more!

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