Skyward Sword First Dungeon

This is one of the best videos we’ve seen so far from E3 on Skyward Sword. It’s a direct feed, instead of a screen being filmed so we can hear the beautiful orchestrated soundtrack music of the first dungeon. Yes, it’s as awesome as we would expect, and it’s just dungeon background music.

We can also clearly hear the sound effects, including Link’s voice. Of course by that I just mean his usual grunts, but it sounds so awesome because he sounds like he’s at least 25 years old. We were told we’d get a more mature Link, but not such a manly one! The sound effects themselves are specifically throwbacks to Twilight Princess as well.

The actual gameplay itself is just a guy running around and not rushing through the dungeon, so we actually learn lots. First off we can note that in this first dungeon Link already has three different shields, five bottles and four items (slingshot, bow and arrow, beetle and bombs). The shields include the Hylian Shield, so I think Link has gone through a lot before reaching the first dungeon.

Also noteworthy is Link collecting “Fungal Spores” out of giant mushrooms he cuts up and later drinks like a potion. We see lots of the other gameplay mechanics – some old news and some new – such as the rotating the Wii remote to fit keys into doors. Video below:

Source: Gamespot

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