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In a recent post over at GoNintendo, there is a quick look at the upcoming September issue of Nintendo Power magazine. In particular for us, there is a whole section dedicated to the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Here are the few tidbits revealed about the next Zelda game according to this preview at GoNintendo.

1. Voice Acting wouldn’t fit in the series

This more or less tells us that the developers just do not believe voice acting is the way to go for the Legend of Zelda series. While they say it might not fit the series, I personally think that all this means is that, at this time they don’t think it fits. Who knows, 2-3 years down the line when we are talking about the next Legend of Zelda title for the 3DS or a Nintendo console, they might find a way to fit voice acting in the series.

2. Zelda confirmed

So our beloved Princess Zelda will return in Skyward Sword and thus, will likely get captured, turned into stone, have her soul separated from her body, or some other crazy plot twist that causes us to have to help her out. One would assume that Princess Zelda would make an appearance, although we have had games such as Link’s Awakening where her named is mentioned but she never actually appears within the game. Even Majora’s Mask had only one flashback of her throughout the game. Since GoNintendo is reporting that it says she has been confirmed in the game, one would assume she’d play a more prominent role, rather than just be a side character like she was in a few games.

3. No comment on Ganon

This doesn’t really say much, but it seems that if Ganon wasn’t in it, they would jump right away and say just that. I’m thinking though, this was a typical Nintendo response to a question in regards to the storyline of the game, before the game was close to release. Nintendo employees have a tendency to say things such as, I cannot talk about that at the present time, and by my guess this is exactly what this means. However, this information, in combination with the confirmation that Zelda would appear, does seem inconsistent. So maybe by not making a comment, this is a confirmation that Ganon does appear? Or since it got different treatment from Princess Zelda, it is confirmation that he doesn’t appear? This is up for interpretation.

4. Possibly using the Beetle in racing challenges

Nothing surprising here. We’d expect the old and new Skyward Sword Items to have different and unique uses in the upcoming game. Given the nature of the beetle, using it as a racing device, or simply getting one thing from one place to another in a short amount of time seems like common sense for an upcoming Zelda game. It surely looks like a fun item and the possibilities are really open in terms of what it can do within puzzles and mini-games.

5. Miyamoto hasn’t upended the tea table…yet

Good ole Miyamoto. He never let’s us down a day in his life. Seriously, I have no idea what this means, but my personal take is that Miyamoto cares significantly about the actual gameplay and when it comes to graphics, story, and the flow of the game, I don’t think his level of care is nearly as high. Thus, I think much of Miyamoto’s involvement with the game was related to the motion controls and I do not think he’ll jump in and flip anything upside down in the last few months of development. Although he has in the past…

So that’s just about it for these rumors. The September issue of Nintendo Power should be hitting shelves in the first week of August, as is accustomed with magazines. Once we get a better transcript of the actual information, we’ll be sure to report it right here at Zelda Dungeon. Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Skyward Sword news and be sure to bookmark our Skyward Sword Walkthrough, which we will be providing once the game ships in early 2011.

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