Skyward Sword: a Clever Musical Trick

The folks over at Kotaku have posted a interesting feature within Skyward Sword. As the release of Skyward Sword draws near, we’re getting more and more goodies and little features, this is no exception. While roaming around the Bazaar, if you walk towards different people e.g. the tinker, the music changes tone to suit the character. To simplify, it kinda changes to a remix of the bazaar theme. If your not sure what I mean then go here to see how the music changes as Link walks around the room.

When I first watched this and heard the music change, it reminded me of Banjo Kazooie, that game used a similar method of music changing, the same with other Nintendo titles. Skyward Sword certainly brings back memories of not only Zelda games, but other titles as well.

Be sure to tell me your thoughts. What do you think about this little trick? Post your comments below and stay tuned.

Source: Kotaku

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