The staff over at Pocket Gamer has been playing through an early copy of Tri Force Heroes and has amassed a short yet comprehensive guide to give an overview of the early stages of the game before you pick up your copy on October 23rd. The guide takes you through what the game is about, how to play without two friends readily available, how progress saves when playing with different groups, how much the game feels like a main series Zelda title, its balance of action and leisure, the ingame shops, online play quality, its competitive elements, and its overall impression. To see the list visit Pocket Gamer, or read a summary of it after the jump!

What’s the game about?
Players team up in groups of three to go on mini-adventures, use new game mechanics like the totem, and solve collaborative puzzles.

Playing without Two Friends
One can play alone with the aid of “dopples,” but these lifeless wooden helpers don’t have any intelligence of their own and aren’t much fun. Unfortunately, two players can’t play without a third– but just two players can go online and be paired with a soloist. Also, Download Play allows people who don’t have a copy of the game, to play with someone who does.

Does the Game have to be Played with the Same Group
Progress is saved individually, so one can go in with different groups to complete a level. The levels are also replayable and come with bonus levels on second, third, and fourth playthroughs. Everyone playing gets to vote on the level that will be played, too, but you can only vote for stages you’ve unlocked.

Does it Feel like a Zelda Game?
The game plays mechanically like A Link Between Worlds, but the dungeons are very short. The boss battles play out like classic Zelda boss battles, only with three players, which is enjoyable.

Is is all Playing Levels or is there Downtime?
When playing with the trio, it’s all fighting, unlike in Four Swords Adventures where there’d be towns and NPCs. There is however a small world to explore when alone, this has NPCs, minigames, and shops.

What do the Shops Sell?
The town’s economy is centered on fashion, so you can buy outfits. While playing, you find scraps of material and rupees to craft and buy outfits with.

How is the Online Connection?
With a strong wifi connection, it plays very smoothly. But if even one player’s connection is lagging, everything is majorly slowed down. You can also only play with people in your region and there is no voice support.

Is it Competitive?
The main levels are totally collaborative, teams share hearts and rupees. But colosseum mode is the competitive element of the game.

Overall Impression
It’s less of a traditional Zelda game than a quirky spin-off. But it is fun with the three-player mechanics, especially if you’re playing with your friends.

Well, there you have it. Again to see the original guide head here, you can also leave comments on Pocket Gamer’s website and the team will try to answer your questions.

What did you think of Pocket Gamer’s guide? Does it make you more or less excited for the game? What could the game do to make you more inclined to buy it? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Pocket Gamer

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