Despite some of its pacing and gameplay flaws, The Wind Waker has always embodied the spirit of adventure in a special way. The ocean setting, sailing mechanics, and beautiful art style all work together to create an incredible backdrop for Link’s spectacular journey. The game’s incredible setting is augmented with some of the best music in the series. Whether it is the joyful main theme or the soothing theme for Link’s grandmother, The Wind Waker‘s soundtrack is one of the most memorable collections of music from the GameCube era.

Clocking in at exactly nine minutes, this impressive medley by BenthovenMusic does the seafaring game and its soundtracks justice. The medley includes a variety of songs including:

  • “The Legendary Hero”
  •  “Dragon Roost Island”
  • “Aryll’s Theme”
  •  “The Great Sea”
  •  “Molgera”
  • “Main Theme”

Overall, I enjoy that this medley opens with the soothing sound of ocean waves, because the setting and music of The Wind Waker are very closely tied together. BenthovenMusic does a great job of expanding on the arrangements seen in The Wind Waker‘s original soundtrack. The dramatic crescendos and decrescendos in this medley give the songs a dramatic tension that is sometimes missing from the original songs (which are looped during gameplay). The sound quality in this medley is also very high, and it is easy to hear the individual instruments and sounds throughout the video. While I enjoyed the entire medley, the boisterous brass-focused rendition of “Dragon Roost Island” (1:10-3:20) shines a spotlight on one of the best songs from the entire Zelda series.

If you enjoyed this extensive medley by BenthovenMusic, then you should check out some of the other videos on their channel. BenthovenMusic has a series of Zelda-themed medleys and remixes for listeners and viewers to explore. There is even a Tears of the Kingdom trailer remix for anyone who wants to get excited about the newly revealed game.

What do you think of this nine minute Wind Waker medley by Benthoven Music? Is there another Zelda game you would like to see BenthovenMusic create a medley for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: BenthovenMusic

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